Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Loose leaf tea without the mess

Loose leaf tea needs to be brewed ... well ... loose so that the leaves aren't matted together and water gets around them. The problem I have is that after dumping the used leaves a  fair amount is still stuck in the strainer. This means more water for washing and leaves that go down there drain to water treatment rather than to my composer where they belong.

Then I got an idea. Press a basket style coffee filter in. The filter easily breaks down in my compost and is easier to remove. Below are some pictures of making it work. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ten years as a Western Canadian

Ten years ago I arrived in Western Canada. I'll still never forget breaking through the tree line of Northern Ontario and seeing the wide open spaces of Manitoba! I was amazed to see a full 100 car train all at once. And I was so excited to to wake up to -25C in Winnipeg. I loved the cold, crisp air and the sound of the snow out walking. Never had needed to plug the car in before in my life. Though there is no place like home, I knew I had arrived. Over the course of this year I'm going to try to tell some of the stories of my first ten years.