Friday, April 20, 2012

Seedlings under the shelves

After 3 weeks I have seedlings!  The weather has been mainly cool and a little bit of rain.  In the entire 3 weeks I only had to water once.

I've added mulch to conserve moisture now and hopefully keep the weeds down.  There is good moisture deep down so with some heat and sunshine I should have some strong lettuce soon.  

I've also did my second round of seeding so I'll see how long it takes when the weather is a bit warmer.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Early Garden Planting

This year I'm trying something different in my garden.  I pulled the mulch away to make a rectangle about 3'x1.5' and I've made a trough down the centre (blue line) and two furrows on either side (yellow lines).  I've planted seeds on the yellow lines.  The hose will have a hole in it so I can water the area through the summer with my rain barrels.

(BTW - I put the lines on with Skitch using my Android phone.  Its a great little app that Evernote has.  Evernote is the best note taking software, ever.)

To prevent the ground from drying out I've put an old shelf that came with our house.  I saw this tried by someone else.  Once the seeds emerge I'll remove the shelf.  It will also help to warm the soil and get the seeds up early.  I've planted 3 of these and plan to plant every two weeks until the garden is full.  I know this is likely way too early to plant but I'm going to try.  Also just to say I planted in March one year :)