Sunday, December 19, 2010

Citizen Z

I came across this video recently. Its an interesting story of a community using resources at hand and then after years of doing things this way having city hall show up and start enforcing the rules. It was a community effort to fight back but technology was also very critical in how they were able to spread the word and organize.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Church : Family

I've been thinking a lot about what church is lately.  I've heard it described as family.  I hear a lot of churches talk about the church family.  When I've been thinking about family one thing that is often overlooked is that they only exist for a finite period of time.  A typical family may last as a core for about 15-25 years, if you define it as the period of time when all children live at home.  It exists before children and after the children move away, but the core of the family really only exists for a short period of time.  What if we thought of church that way?  You would see it started by a small bunch of people, go through a period of growth, live for a while as a tight unit, then slowly start moving on.  Even though the church appears to have disbanded it has actually dispersed and multiplied.